Our Philosophy

Ecoventura is dedicated to providing travelers with an inspiring, hands-on experience of the amazing natural world of the Galapagos. The MV Origin is an exciting upgrade to our already award-winning fleet, which also the two identical first-class 20-passenger yachts Eric & Letty, and the 16-passenger dive boat, MV Galapagos Sky. The Origin offers our guests a sophisticated yet relaxed luxury expedition cruise experience – the perfect way to explore the Galapagos and discover its spectacular landscapes, exotic flora, and extraordinary wildlife.

Throughout our quarter-century of operation, we have never wavered in our commitment to preserving the fragile island ecosystems and giving back to local communities. One of the first companies to be certified under the Rainforest Alliance's voluntary environmental compliance program, Smart Voyager, Ecoventura has also worked with the World Wildlife Fund to create the Galapagos Marine Biodiversity Fund, which has raised more than $500,000 for marine conservation and local environmental education. We have also partnered with various other programs to support environmental and educational initiatives, and strive to minimize our impact through carbon offsetting and the installation of emissions-reducing alternative energy systems.

Designing and building the MV Origin involved significant investment – well above the cost of simply replacing an older vessel – but Ecoventura spared no expense to achieve sustainability goals by improving fuel efficiency and reducing water waste and pollution.

"We want to give our passengers the assurance that Ecoventura has taken every measure to ensure that passengers enjoy a safe, thrilling adventure without harming the unique wildlife or the fragile environment. We all live in this world and breath the same air – the least we can do is try to preserve it for our children and future generations to come."

 – Ecoventura President Santiago Dunn

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Regardless of which itinerary you select, you'll be voyaging in the most comfortable and luxurious yacht operating in the Galapagos today. For more information on booking one of our premium Galapagos yacht cruises, call and speak with an agent today at 800-633-7972. We're happy to address any specific inquiries you may have, and we look forward to seeing you on one of our upcoming tours.

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