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We're not the only ones who love the MV Origin – the media do too! Check out our News Articles for recent articles. 

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“The boutique cruiser, Origin, holding no more than 20 passengers (14 crew), leaves barely an imprint on the islands it visits. Its hull is designed not just for good looks but for efficiency, too.” Paul Heiney

Read his full article “Is this the most luxurious way to see the Galápagos?” here

“Their new MV Origin, available for private charter, is the plushest way to experience the journey, and while the route can’t be altered, there is room for customization on board.”  Jessica Colley Clarke

“ The Origin, the newest and smartest of the Ecoventura fleet. It is an informal, very comfortable super yacht for 20 guests staying in smart cabins.”   Magical!

Libby Purvis

“Enter the MV Origin boar, which ups the ante on Galapagos travel by proving that luxury and eco-friendliness need not be mutually exclusive”.  Baz Dreisinger

“Thanks to a new ultra-fast boat that is evolving the definition of eco-luxury travel. The MV ORIGIN can cover so much more ground than most other small boats, leaving more time for guests to go ashore in more places.”  Lucia van der Post

"Few landscapes are as untouched as this highly protected Eden 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador. Only 10 couples get to sail on the region’s new luxury vessel, though it has all the comforts of a big ship". Sherry Eisenberg 

Most people can’t say they flew to isolated volcanic isles and boarded a yacht to get to their hiking trail, but those are bragging rights offered by Ecoventura.

"This is the Most luxurious New way to tour the Galapagos Islands - and it also happens to be the greenest.  The Origin combines design, comfort and green measures in ways that no other Galapagos boat currently does".  Karen Catchpole

"The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most unique species in the world, and Ecoventura’s fleet offers daily excursions through the archipelago’s diverse islands- from swimming alongside sea lions to watching the blue-footed boobies shake their feet."  Judy Koutsky

Feature in The Adventure Issue, The Micro cruise ships that are chartering New Courses; MV ORIGIN - One of the fastest ships in the Galapagos, the Origin can easily reach lesser visited islands, making as many as 11 stops a week.

Featured in 52 Places to Go In 2016, "In February, Ecoventura will launch the 20-passenger Origin".

"The time to go to the Galapagos is now, and the MV Origin is the most eco-friendly yacht cruising these strange, beautiful, important islands that gave birth to Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. It is one of the only destinations in the world where you can fully disconnect, a telling reminder that constant connectivity isn’t an accurate measure of the survival of the fittest". Emma Cutler

"It would be nature all the way on the final leg of my Ecuador journey, a seven-day cruise on a brand-new 44m superyacht called, appropriately enough, Origin. If I’d found myself on any other Galápagos cruiser, I would have been jealous of this handsome, sleek craft painted deep blue from the waist down". Paul Richardson

Travel the Galapagos Islands as Few Others Will

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